At My Behavioral Health Treatment Center, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care to manage all your mental health needs. During this uncertain time, we understand that fear, anxiety, and isolation are only a few of the added stressors in your daily life. We are seeing increased relational stress on couples and families and real time grief and loss of loved ones struck by this pandemic.  

At MyBHTC, our team of providers believe getting in touch via tele-health is an essential part of raising up our community that needs us. If you are an existing client, your sessions will be via tele-health until further notice.

NEW PATIENTS: We are accepting new patients via tele-health sessions during the outbreak, please email with your request and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Creating a better tomorrow

My Behavioral Health Treatment Center (My BHTC)

Specifically designed to meet your needs in recovery


Recent studies show 8.5 million American adults are suffering from both a mental health and a substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders.

People with mental health disorders are more at risk for drug use and addition than other populations

They’ve also shown an estimated 20.7 million people needed treatment for a substance use disorder.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional quality service where we meet the needs of individuals in recovery who have no resources, lack stability, and have mental & physical challenges or substance use disorder in under sourced communities; by offering a variety of therapeutic treatment approaches that will help those with lived experience live independently in the community.

Medical Services


We can meet your needs virtually right from the comfort of your home with our Telemedicine services
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DUI Treatment

DUI Treatment

Designed for people struggling with excessive drug or alcohol use. We can’t prevent addiction but we can help people cope with their addiction.
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Psychoeducation, Vocational Training, GED Classes, Resume, Case Management
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MyBHTC is an outpatient facility that service individuals with lived experiences in under-served & surrounding communities who have a mental illness, substance use disorder, dually diagnosed or developmental disabilities. 

Our dedication is providing rehabilitative services and opportunities needed for a successful outcome. Our focus is person centered care where we meet the needs of  individuals where they are in their recovery .

The support MyBHTC provides includes but is not limited to; financial, educational, vocational, therapeutic as well as recreational.  We strive to collaborate with the community; local agencies and state/government officials to help our clients live a more productive life.

What We Offer

Healing for a better world.

Health & Wellness

We offer a comprehensive, person centered mental health care to help you recover and overcome your current needs

Group Therapy

We help you with various services like Relapse prevention, Family Therapy, IDDT, Anger Management and much more

Mentoring & Peer Support

We provide quality & certified peer specialist services to support you in recovering as needed

Telehealth Counseling

We help you with your needs on the phone, without the need of visiting the facility

Spiritual Guidance Mentorship

We provide you the needed expert guidance and mentorship to help you with spiritual journey

Crisis Intervention

We help you reduce your emotional pain & provide needed support along with a plan for coping with the situation

Outpatient Treatment

We provided solutions to your needs at your own pace and convenience

Case Management

We monitor, evaluate and advocate for our clients to meet their complex needs

Life Skills Training

We help you acquire the needed Life skills to cope with the needed skills to handle any situations

Community Resources

Browse around & get access to all kinds of resources that you need to go through at your own pace

Drug Screening / Assessment

Our staff evaluates your health and substance abuse problem to create treatment plans to monitor your progress.

Domestic Violence Classes

We help you understand impacts of Domestic violence and help you build relationship during the difficult times

Why Choose Us

We are on the side of humanity.

Reach us out for an exceptional quality service with a variety of therapeutic treatment.

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    Our experienced staff can help you with your immediate needs and guide you in the right path

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    We take pride in serving our patients to provide best in class service. You are in safe hands with our care

  • 24/7 Support

    Need may arise any time and we are here for you round the clock with our support and related resources

Patient & Family Resources

Here is an extensive list of resources that can help with your journey. Do check them out and reach us out for any kind of help you need.

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